Data Entry Service


Data Entry Service

Are you thinking about outsourcing your Data Entry? Leesha Technology provides Data Entry services throughout the India , US, UK and Australia

Our business has a team of Data Entry Operators, with over 10 years experience in data entry services and data capture. Any type of data can be processed including typed and hand-written forms or documents. Leesha Technology handles data entry outsourcing services for many leading India, US, UK, Australia businesses.

Data Entry Service

  •    An experienced team of data entry staff, trained in data entry, validation and quality control
  •    Ability to key thousands of documents each day in a variety of formats.
  •     State of the art software
  •    Team of in-house programmers able to output data to any required format
  •    Agreed accuracy levels for each job up to 99.95% (find out more)

Leesha Technology has invested in data entry operator training, validation and quality control processes, enabling the highest of quality guarantees for all data.

Quality level options are always agreed for each project.
The company has invested in state of the art software, supported by in house programmers and quality control staff. India, US, UK, Australia Data Entry can key thousands of documents per day from a variety of formats.
Turnaround times are customized to meet the expectation of each project and client. Data Entry Solutions can be provided same day, overnight and next day plus all standard 2-7 day, 1-2week options.

Online Data Entry

Leesha Technology delivers Online Data Entry Services throughout the India, US,UK and Australia. Online Data Entry can be provided for any type of data. This is a cost effective service with excellent quality and accuracy, up to 99.95%. Our Online Data entry staff can enter thousands of keystrokes per day from any format.
To work out your data entry costs call now on +91-9986117140