Traffic Data Services

Leesha Technology is a leader in Traffic Survey, Market Research, Training, Consultancy, Traffic Data Analysis and other Transport surveys across the globe and with-in PAN India. We are based in Silicon City of India, Bengaluru.

IT Consultancy and Solutions

Leesha Technology IT Solutions is trusted by more than one hundred growing businesses across the India to deliver professional, proactive IT support services. Leesha Technology provides the IT support and consultancy services that enable organisations to operate more efficiently, safe in the knowledge that their IT systems are optimised and proactively managed.

BPO Services

Leesha Technology offers comprehensive BPO services across multiple business functions and processes—finance and accounting, procurement, marketing, supply chain, HR and learning. We also offer BPO services specific to the unique needs of particular industries such as telecommunications networks, credit services, healthcare, utilities, pharmaceuticals and more.

Data Entry Services

Leesha Technology offers data entry capture and scanning services to any organisation requiring meticulously high standard data entry. From forms into specific computer programs such as MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, to image files and a wide range of software packages.