Traffic Data Service

Trafic Data Services

We can supply accurate Link count data with any number of vehicle classifications depending upon the client’s requirements. The Link counts can be carried on from a quiet rural road to a busy motorway/highway.

Our experienced team can count any junction layout that varies from a basic T-Junction to a complex multiple camera roundabout or Big Gyratory with any number of vehicle Classification. We are specialized in 100% Lane-by-LaneVehicle tracking on Large roundabouts.

We can supply a wide range of NMU classification. Some of them include Pedestrians by Gender, Cyclists by Gender, Equestrians, Wheelchair Users, Visually impairs, Elderly, School Children, Prams etc., We can carry out NMU counts on a signallised crossing, Zone to Zone crossing, Crossing within individual arms of a Junction, Crossing between arms of a junction, on a Traffic Island and even track NMU between Different O-D points. We can also identify the pedestrian desired lines.

We can supply different queues depending upon the client’s requirement. This includes maximum queue & minimum queue in any interval, Average queue length, Queue at the start of Green phase and Queue delay surveys etc. We even have experience of tracking the queue back form one exit of the motorway to the other using multiple cameras.

Using ANPR – We can validate the number plates captured by the ANPR software and then manually in-fill the plates that were missed out by the software to achieve the complete raw data set. We can then match between sites and supply the final ORIGIN-DESTINATION MATRIX depending upon the client’s requirements.
Using Videos – We can manually extract the number plates from the video footage to achieve the raw data set and then can supply ORIGIN-DESTINATION MATRIX depending upon the client’s requirements.

We have carried out numerous parking surveys on Streets, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Parking lots etc. We can supply the total In/Out of the parking, Accumulation information at any point of time, Individual parking bay information etc. If the parking beat survey is carried out manually, we can utilize our data entry operators to convert the details on the paper into the Excel form or any depending upon the client’s requirements.

Our analysts have a wide knowledge of extracting the tube information and generating the reports with importance to different factors like class, speed, volume etc depending upon the client’s requirements.

We do a lot of train station surveys where we extract a number of information like Boarding/Alighting information on train, pedestrian activity on the platform, subways, Drop off/Pick up at the entrance, Waiting times for Taxi/Private cars, Other shuttle bus information etc.

We are experts in monitoring Railway Level Crossings and have already monitored more than 200 such crossings. We extract the Barrier Down time and Up time, Train arrival, direction, Pedestrian crossings, vehicle movements, Traffic turning at the vicinity of the crossing and any Blocking back traffic at the level crossing. We also observe unusual parking or any maintenance work, vehicles jumping the barriers, pedestrians trying to cross when the barrier is down etc.

Using the video footage, we monitor the Bus arrival time, departure time, boarding, alighting counts by gender & age, Bus service number and any other information depending upon the client’s requirement.

We do a lot of data inputting for manual surveys and Interviews carried out on site. We can submit the report back in MS access or MS Excel form. We currently input the data for various Public Transport interview surveys, Hospital transportation interviews, market research and Road-side Interviews(RSI)

We are the leading experts in extracting Saturation and Degree of Saturation for any signallised junction.